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Dro Tan, Executive Director of Matex (second from left) and his team at China Interdye 2012
Dro Tan, Executive Director of Matex (second from left) and his team at China Interdye 2012
At the recent China Interdye 2012, Singapore-headquartered dyestuffs supplier Matex International Ltd launched two ranges of new dyestuffs, Megafix BPSN and Megafix RE.

Mainly used for very deep, rich and sharp-colored economical prints, the Megafix BPSN reactive dye range has a wide spectrum of shades with high color fixation rate which results in even better fabric handle to meet stringent international environmental requirements, said the company.

The Megafix RE range of poly functional reactive dye can achieve low-temperature dyeing of 40J, instead of traditional dyeing at 60J and 80J. With an improved fixation rate of up to 90% and more, this remarkably reduces dye recipe dosages, making it possible for a total tangible and intangible combined savings of 30% and more due to reduced process time, lowered chemical dosages, less water additions, reduced waste treatment and energy, and improved mill productivity.

Matex highlighted that this innovative greener and shorter process system is value adding and suitable for environmentally conscious mills that want to remain at the forefront of sustainability with its carbon footprint.

"We carefully select raw materials used before production. We make continuous efforts to add value by improving dyeing quality and reducing production costs and production cycle, with a target to achieve higher productivity and eco-friendly solutions. Matex makes an ongoing concerted effort to integrate economic, environmental and social concerns, with a long-term view to create balanced and sustainable business operations," said Dro Tan, the company's Executive Director, who added that Matex has set up R&D, application services, quality control and material testing centers in Singapore and Shanghai.

Discussing the future development of China's textile dyestuffs and chemicals market, Mr Tan stressed that through their hard work and willingness to embrace technological improvements, many Chinese companies are already outperforming their foreign counterparts across many aspects.

"The Chinese government has initiated and will continue to introduce collaborative approaches and support structures to reduce environmental and social impacts, with a shared vision of sustainability practices to establish consistent expectations for brands, retailers, manufacturers and ultimately us as the end consumer. This has resulted in a strengthened modern value chain and infrastructure, which will bring about a sustainable and developed economy filled with exciting new opportunities for this industry and others," explained Mr Tan.
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