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Speakers of the one-day Great Ideas in Cotton conference
Speakers of the one-day "Great Ideas in Cotton" conference
Cotton Incorporated (CI), an independent and non-profit-making company representing upland cotton, and Cotton Council (CCI) International, which aims to promote exports of US grown cotton to buyers around the world, jointly organized a conference called the "Great Ideas in Cotton" in Hong Kong yesterday (May 22) for an audience from around the world.

The conference mainly presented innovative cotton textile concepts and technologies developed to help mills, brands and retailers maximize production efficiencies, minimize costs and reduce the impact of cotton textiles on the environment. A collection of cotton-rich designer garments supported by updates on trend forecast presentations for the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 season also displayed in the conference.

Over 300 overseas and local delegates from international brands, retailers, manufacturing mills and sourcing groups in the textile and apparel industry attended the event.

"We focus our efforts across every area of the cotton life cycle from fiber through finished product," said Berrye Worsham, President & CEO, Cotton Incorporated. "So, no matter where your business falls on the global cotton supply chain, you can partner with us to identify goals, enhance products and processes, solve problems or brainstorm ways to create new opportunities."

Cotton Incorporated is funded by US growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, while Cotton Council International is the international marketing representative of the National Cotton Council of America. Customers of US cotton can depend on marketing from Cotton Council International throughout the supply chain to promote sales of US cotton-rich products.
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