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Krantz K30
Krantz K30
German textile machinery spare parts supplier Interspare will take part at ITMA ASIA + ITME 2012 from June 12-16 with its technical experts and management team, targeting to enable textile producers with Krantz, Artos and Stentex equipment to get to know the possibilities that can be provided regarding these machines and the optimization possibilities available for existing equipment. It will also provide information on when a possible order for new machines can be produced and delivered.

"Our production system is running and we're now in the position to be able to deliver a two-digit number of, for example, the Krantz K30 every year," says Interspare Managing Director Dirk Polchow. "For us it was quite a step to become a textile machinery producer from initially being a worldwide active supplier of spare parts," he adds. "However, we also had good prerequisite settlements with our high-quality network of spare-part producers in Germany."

Interspare emphasizes that it now intends to promote itself in a "new way" to the Asian market, hoping to persuade, above all, the old Krantz and Artos customers of the fact that they can continue to rely on these proven products. In addition to the Chinese market, other Asian markets such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia are also of great interest to Interspare.

Taking Krantz K30 as an example, Hartmut Büchner, Commercial Manager of Interspare, says, "The K30 was introduced in 1999 at the ITMA in Paris as a Krantz innovation. Because stenter frames have developed a lot technologically over time, our low-maintenance, lubricant-free chain is still a product advantage, and the product remains state-of-the-art and can be compared with the very best stenters in the world."

Interspare took over all rights, patents, licences and technical documentation, including the spare part warehouse from the Artos, Babcock (BTM), Famatex, Haas, Krantz and Stentex as a complement to its existing spare part business. Shortly after the asset-deal with the former Moenus, new installations were shipped.

Interspare has recently established a new site and manufacturing premises in Reinbek, Germany, in which machines are completely pre-mounted. The final assembly occurs directly with the customer.
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