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Textile & Apparel
Additives processing industry
Auxiliary materials for garments
Blended cloth / fabric
Cotton cloth / fabric
Cotton fiber & yarn
Cutting machines manufacturing industry
Garment / Apparel
Headwear / scarf
Hemp, flax fiber & yarn
Hemp,Flax Cloth/Fabric
High Fashion
Home textiles
Industrial wool cloth & blanket
Knitted cloth / fabric
Knitted clothing
Leather, fur, down
Noil, embroidery, handicraft articles
Other fabric
Other fiber & yarn
Other Knit goods
Printing, dyeing & finishing
Sewing machines manufacturing industry
Silk & spun silk fiber & yarn
Silk fabric
Synthetic cloth / fabric
Synthetic fiber & yarn
Textile industry
Textile,apparel,leather, special-purpose equipment
Trimmings / narrow fabric
Wool cloth / fabric
Wool fiber & yarn
Woolen sweaters
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Textile & Apparel
Fiber Manufacturing
Preparatory machines for natural fibers
Preparatory machines for man-made / synthetic fibers
Other fiber manufacturing machines and accessories
Spinning Machinery
Spinning Machinery
Spinning machinery for long staple fibres(including worsted and woolen spinning machinery)
Spinning machinery for bast fibres
Ring spinning frames
Ring spinning frames
Air jet open-end spinning frames
Friction open-end spinning frames
Other spinning frames and accessories
Doubling and twisting frames and their accessories
Winding machines and their accessories
Reeling machines and their accessories
Other yarn finishing machines
Weaving Machinery
Sizing machines and their accessories
Warping machines and their accessories
Shuttle looms
Air Jet Loom
Rapier loom
Water jet loom
Projectile loom
Auxiliary machines for looms
Accessories and parts for looms
Other weaving machineries
Knitting Machinery
Knitting preparatory machines and accessories
Flat-bed knitting machines
Circular knitting machines
Sock machine
Seamless knitting machine
Accessories for knitting machines
Other sundry knitting machines
Embroidery Machinery
Embroidery machines
Sewing Machines
Quilting Machines
Swing Spare Parts
Other embroidery machines
Nonwovens / Technical Textiles Machinery
Needle loom
Spunlaced machine
Tufting machines
Coating & laminating machines
Forming heads
Wet Finishing machines
Other nonwovens / technical textiles machines
Dyeing, Printing and Finishing Machinery
Cone dyeing and finishing machine
Scouring, bleaching and washing machines
Dyeing machines
Printing machines
Dyes and chemicals for dyeing, printing and finishing processes
Extractors and applicators
Dryers and curing machines
Mechanical finishing machines
Fabric inspection machines, make-up machines and fabric transportation devices
Other auxiliaries for dyeing, printing and finishing processes
Machines for Apparel Manufacturing and Cleaning
Preparatory machines for making-up
Pressing machines and fusible interlinings
Cleaning machines and detergents
Cutting machines
Garment Finishing and Pressing equipment
Other related equipment to apparel manufacturing
Testing and Quality Control
esting instruments for fibres
Testing instruments for yarns
Testing instruments for fabrics
Testing instruments for garments
Other instruments for testing and quality control
CAD / CAM / CIM Software System
CAD / CAM systems for the spinning industry
CAD / CAM systems for the weaving and knitting industry
CAD/ CAM systems for the dyeing, printing and finishing industry
CAD / CAM systems for the apparel industry
CIM systems for the textile and apparel industry
Other CAD / CAM / CIM Software Systems
CAD / CAM / CIM Hardware Systems
Other Computer Applications
Logistic control and management
Other Equipment for the Textile Industry
equipment and inspection
air conditioner for textile factory
Power equipment and controlling equipment
Equipment and devices for control and maintenance
Equipment for pollution control
Transport, handling and packaging equipment
Office and other mill management equipment
Other equipment for the textile industry
Chemical & Auxiliary
Spinning oil
Dyestuff, pigment, ink and other dyeing, printing chemicals
Sizing ingredients and addition agents
Fire retardant agent
Other finishing agents and auxiliaries
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