About “Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel (ATA)” and “China Textile & Apparel (CTA)” and Adsale Textile Website www.AdsaleCTA.com and www.AdsaleATA.com
Adsale Publishing Limited publishes trade magazines to foster trade between P.R. China and other countries. Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel (ATA), in English and China Textile & Apparel (CTA) in Chinese are premier trade magazines for the Asia and China Textile and apparel industries. They feature a dazzling array of articles, covering insightful global market information, technology and product news, marketing solutions and strategies, as well as the latest management intelligence.

Both printed magazines and online magazines in AdsaleATA.com, AdsaleCTA.com are distributed free of charge. In addition, daily news, focus story and special features are available in the websites. For free subscription, please register: English version at AdsaleATA.com/members and Chinese version at AdsaleCTA.com/members

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