There are people who claim that designing is a God gifted skill and nobody can learn this skill if he isn’t gifted by God. Well, I’m totally against this mentality. There is not a single skill in this world that can’t be learned. Everyone has the ability to learn anything he wants.

There is only one skill that can help you learn any skill in this world and that is the skill of controlling your mind. The mind is the only organ in your body that makes you decide that whether you can do something or not. Being committed and determined can help you achieve anything in the world.

Without wasting any of your precious time, let’s move the topic now. Clothes help you display your personality to others. Clothing sense matters a lot if you’re trying to impress others with your personality. I heard someone saying that clothing is also a form of good manners. So, you need to dress up in a way that may inspire others.

Instead of following others you must wear a style that others may follow your style. There are several changes that you can apply to your clothes to appear significant from others but the ideas we’re going to share in this article will make others follow your style.

Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes on your shirt are the best way to express your feelings. There are several quotes available on the internet that you can choose from or you can create your own quotes as well.

But you must make sure that the quote you choose to be printed on your shirt should be according to your personality.

There are different t-shirt presses where you can go to get your quote printed on the shirt. Click here for the best t shirt press to get your message printed on your shirt.


Props are very common these days that can help you improve your clothing sense. You can buy some props to wear with your clothes or you can even get them printed on your shirt or jeans. Props will definitely grab the attention of others and they’ll be forced to appreciate your effort.

Natural designs

Everyone loves the nature and the great thing about natural designs is that they’re not much common these days. Wearing clothes with natural designs will make you appear significant from others and people will start following your style.

You’ll feel inspired and motivated when you’ll find others following your style. You’ll become popular among others as your style gets popular.


There are several designs of jeans available these days that you can wear to be prominent from others. There are different colors also available in jeans that can help you express your personality. Chinos are also very popular these days and teenagers are inspired to see the unique styles of chinos.

DIY ideas for designing clothes