Previously, for decades, a clean shave was the best option a man could get, but now trends in the fashion have changed and the facial fluff is back with a bang. The baby-bottom jaw is out-dated and a stubbled male is becoming a fashion craze in many regions across the globe.

The new fashion trend that came with a pleasant surprise was the rugged/ beard style man walking in the high end fashion shows.


In 2013, the men’s fashion magazines surfaced with headlines that the beard style is going to end, yet that proved to be wrong as men from up and down the country started to see stubble as a way of expressing their own style.

Predicting the changing fashion trends in the industry is very uneven. In 2016-17, the world watched celebrities and athletes moving ahead of the stubble trend and they were looking too stylish.

Well, the most popular style of the 2017 fashion week trends that were spotted were a stubble style with smart Clippers letting man defining the look that was unique.

For the most popular followers of the fashion week magazines, the fashion catwalk has a clear message that a fresh shave has gone away for now.

These days designers prefer men to be subtle as they define stubble as the glory and the full blown beard as a welcome addition.

But the million-dollar question is yet to be answered! Is the stubble style still in or going out?

The prominent stylist and experts are factual about their statement that men are using the stubble look to show their style and people (the audience) are excited about the recent changes in the fashion industry.

The final thought for the hot topic is summarized by the fact that a face of stubble or even a beard is very in style, but the clean shaven pretty boy seems to be slowly fading away.  What do you guys think?

Fashion trends for the rugged/bearded man
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