Tips for Designing Football Jersey’s and Memorabilia

There are lots of ideas that one can use when designing a football Jersey or Memorabilia. Today, we will talk about some of the ideas in this article. If you are willing to design one, then you should carefully read the instructions below. We have chosen some crazy and interesting ideas that one can use when designing football Jersey or Memorabilia. If you are looking to design a jersey for a group of friends, then the following ideas are going to help you a lot.

In fact, you can also design some objects if you are willing to sell them during the event. Here are some tips for designing football Jerseys and Memorabilia.

Images of top players

There are lots of players in different football clubs but everybody knows that there are only a few of them that are popular all around the world. So, you must take some incredible photographs of these players and then start knitting them on the Jersey. My suggestion is that you should first design the football as a ground and then show the players running on that football ground in a way of beating each other. This idea is perfect and it would help you get a lot of appreciation from the people.

Champions Trophy

The Fifa World Cup is right around the corner and the fans are curious enough to find some objects that may make this event memorable for them. So, you can either design a copy of Champions Trophy separately or you can design it on the arms of the Jersey. Both the ideas are going to work but my recommendations are that you should design the trophy separately because it works as a great memory.

Jersey for Bookies

There are many bookies that are found sharing tips during a football match. So, you should think something different for these bookies this year and design a jersey for them with a message written over it. There are different messages that you can choose for these jerseys such as “best football predictions today” or “without victory, there is no survival”. Make sure that the message passes an impression about the great personality of the bookie. Thus, the bookie would get more deals with the help of this message.


There are several types of mugs that you can design for this purpose. You can either print the champions trophy on the mug or you may also print the football or the photos of the top football players on the mug. These mugs would definitely get the attention of the customers and you’d get enough sales during the event.


The toes are also very important for football fans. So, you can choose to design some unique toes for these fans. Thus, the fans would come and purchase the toes from you. Click here and find some other tips for designing football jersey and memorabilia.