The best way to make your space beautiful in fewer things is to decorate it with the rugs. You can go for the variety of rugs in the market but the best rugs where people want to get attract is an Aztec rug.

If you are confused which rug you should then here we are giving you a proper guide about the kind of rugs you should go for.


Hand-loomed rugs are expensive and look lavish as well in your home or drawing room. The best traditional designs are created by the hand loomed work and the thickness of the fabric looks amazing when you choose hand loomed rugs.

If you are looking for some luxurious rugs then hand loomed is the perfect one for your place. Your home will look perfect as well as it’s going to give great look to your floor.


Wool rugs are especially best when you are looking for something soft and comfy for your home. They give natural and organic texture to the floor and provide the best support to your feet as well.


If you want to have something relaxing for your home or for your office then there is nothing better than the wool rugs. You can use these rugs for the long term and the material will be reliable and long lasting.


To create an elegant and soft look for your floor there is nothing better than the hair on a rug. These rugs are usually available in lots of colors which are suitable and are in soft colors. These rugs are known for artisan rugs.

The fabric of the rug is soft and perfect in appearance. It looks best when you match it with the theme of the room.


Cotton rugs are the best way to give casual look to your room. When you give casual look to your office then you can choose cotton rugs for the best appearance. Cotton rugs are soft in textures and great in a fabric.

You can have any kind of design in cotton rugs from strips to the patterns. You can customize the rugs as well according to your room and as per your carpet appearance.


The best thing about the synthetic rug is that they can give the appearance of the natural and woven rug at the same time. These are quite updated in the fashion and when you want to decorate your room with all in one rug then this is the best choice.

These are known as machine loomed rugs and you have seen these rugs usually in offices and homes where they want to make it look casual with the professional touch. Synthetic rugs are sophisticated in look and are durable as well.

You can have synthetic rugs in basic prices as well as inexpensive too. It depends on what kind of pattern you are choosing for the place and how natural you want it to look.

Taking a look at the different types of rugs